01 Building Services

Brehon Construction Limited carry out a wide range of building services to the private and public sectors throughout Ireland...

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02 Civil Engineering

brehon-construction-building-services-civil-engineering-demolition-plant-hire-roscommon-dublin-ireland-009Brehon Construction provide a full civil engineering service to all projects from the small domestic scheme to infrastructure...

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03 Demolition

brehon-construction-building-services-civil-engineering-demolition-plant-hire-roscommon-dublin-ireland-008We offer a demolition service from a small domestic property to a large housing estate. We can cater for your every need...

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04 Plant Hire

brehon-construction-building-services-civil-engineering-demolition-plant-hire-roscommon-dublin-ireland-011Brehon Construction Limited can provide highly skilled experienced operators and up to date plant at very competitive prices...

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Health & Safety

Brehon Construction Limited has always been committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those who may be affected by our activities.

Our health & safety is overseen by our competent safety advisor that makes sure that our practices and systems of work will be assessed in accordance with current health & safety legislation.

All our members of staff attend regular health & safety training courses.

Our companies health & safety statement contains detailed arrangements in relation to all our rules and procedures and you van refer to a copy of this in our office.


Brehon Construction Limited is fully aware of the impact that the construction industry has on the environment as a whole and takes its responsibilities towards the protection of the environment very seriously and fully sustainable methods.

It is important that we as a company focus on minimising the impact that our services have on the environment in order to create greater sustainable projects for our clients.

The company therefore seeks to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.


Brehon Construction Limited is committed to providing value for money, deliver quality service and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements at all times.

The management of the company are dedicated to quality, excellence and together with our processes and procedures ensure that necessary activities are controlled in an effective manner. We are confident that this will promote a greater customer satisfaction and greatly improve the success of Brehon Construction Limited.

Contact Information

Brehon Construction Limited,

+353 (0)86 377 9555

Honesty, Commitment and Quality Workmanship

Brehon Construction Limited is a building and civil engineering company with its main office in Roscommon. The family run business providers a wide variety of services nationwide. We work on small and large scale projects within the private and public sectors.

Our emphasis is on full customer satisfaction and maintaining long term business relationships. We collaborate fully with clients to ensure value, excellence and high standards throughout the construction process.

Quality and safety is guaranteed and our service is run within budget and time constraints.